Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Vacation Fun

We had our annual family trip to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari yesterday. 
Holiday World Website

2009(Boy-O is about to make his appearance)
(I am not sure where the 2010 family picture is: But I'll add it when I find it. )

I have been at least once every year since I was 2. It is a family tradition to all wear the same color on trips. We no longer do this, except at Holiday World. If a "non-family" member manages to "pass the test" and accompany us, they too, must wear the same color. The color-matching in itself has rules. (we are a funny family) If there is a new family member, the color must be yellow. 
:) This year we had LOTS of new members. One from me, three from my brother. We stop at the first rest stop in Indiana to take a picture every year. 
Quite the group. :) 2012

As usual, we had a blast and were worn out from the day. Here are some snapshots of our visit, courtesy of my sisters and their cameras. (Thank you, ladies!)

Boy-O on the Mother Goose train with aunts and cousin.

Nathan and SisterBear

Boy-O Sliding in HoliDog Park

SisterBear and Uncle

Boy-O Playing Peek-A-Boo

SisterBear and Auntie

SisterBear on Mother Goose Train with Auntie and family friend

Boy-O and cousin

Boy-O and me on Jeeps

Rest Stop with Boy-O

MonkeyMan and Auntie