Friday, February 8, 2013

Microwave Free

What?! No Microwave?!

For about a year (maybe more) our microwave has been falling apart. Yep, falling apart. I have heard of microwaves no longer working, but never actually falling apart.

First, the handle broke. The plastic stud that attached it to the door broke off. It was still completely functional,  just had to be careful when opening it.

Then, the door cracked along the bottom. Still, we used it, had no reason not to use it. I even managed to use packing tape and "fix" it, so it was barely noticeable. 

Next, the vent cover popped off the top. 

Then, the handle broke off completely. We were still able to open the microwave, just not very easily.

Finally, the last straw. The glass fell out of the front and a piece of the door came out. We have no idea where it goes. So the microwave is left looking like this:

So for a couple months now we have not had a microwave. And to be honest, I have not missed it. I don't know that I want a new one. (A friend graciously gave us one, but it did not work for us.)  I have gotten used to it taking a little longer to prepare things. But I LOVE knowing our food has not had any nutrients "zapped" out of it. And I am sure there are health benefits to not having one in the home. (Here is where a quick Google search led me)

I was raised without a microwave, so it is not that big a stretch for me to be without one. My parents got a microwave only a year before I moved out. My husband and I, have always had one, however. 

Some things I like about not having a microwave in my house(besides the health benefits):

  • I have to think ahead about meals. I can no longer zap something quickly and throw it on the table. My meals are prepared with thoughtfulness. I am making my husband lunch more often, because it takes a little more time. This makes me conscious of the fact that I need to be home around his lunch time more often. That is giving us more time together. It also gives him time to sit and enjoy his lunch, because I usually have it ready when he arrives(or close to then.)

  • I think I have become a better at organizing my time. I pay more attention to what time it is, and how long I have to accomplish a task, or how much longer I can be lazy before I need to get up and moving. ;)

  • I think food tastes better when it is reheated, or even cooked, in the oven or on the stove top. I do not have the problem of tough chicken, for example.

We will likely get another microwave in the future. (We still use our current one as a vent and over the range light.) But I will not be using it, except in rare instances.  

So yes, I like not having a microwave! :)

Do you have a microwave? Do you think you could live without it?


  1. 3 words - Boy Scout popcorn. Enough said? :-)