Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cloth Diapers

I use cloth diapers. They are not the old, flat cloth that you have to fold/wrap and pin, then cover with a stiff piece of plastic. These are cute, comfortable, easy-to-use diapers. For about 6 months, I had three little ones in diapers. There are many reasons I am thankful I had switched to cloth at this point.

I first learned about these "new" cloth diapers, after I had Boy-O, when I visited a local boutique  that sells cloth diapers and much more. I was sure I wanted to try these, but not sure on the cost. Cloth diapering can have a little larger up front cost when compared to disposable diapers. I looked at one diaper and thought, " I can buy a whole package of diapers for that price." 
Fresh fluff came in the mail

The idea of cloth diapers stayed in my head, when I had SisterBear, I still wanted to cloth diaper. I looked into used. I liked the idea of trying them, without spending the money for new.
SisterBear being my little diva in a prefold and cover

I tried prefolds and covers. This is the close to the "old-school" cloth diapering system. It was alright, but just not for me.

 I bought my first few pocket diapers from a swap and sell site. I got 11 diapers for $35. They were not great diapers, but I knew I could justify trying them for that price. They were not in great condition either. But you get what you pay for, almost always. And, now, I have used the diapers I purchased for Boy-O on MonkeyMan. So my cost to diaper MonkeyMan has been minimal. (I have purchased a few diapers just for him, because I loved the print.)

MonkeyMan in a newborn pocket diaper

Since then, I have found I LOVE cloth diapering. I have purchased many different brands, and many different types. I am a "pocket" diaper person. This means you have an outer shell, that has  a pocket you can put an "insert" in that absorbs the liquid.  I am currently trying out my first fitted. It is a diaper the is completely absorbent. It is usable alone or with a cover over it.

I have quite a stash of cloth diapers now. And I am always watching for cute prints, I cannot live without. I can match diapers to outfits. It is so much fun. It is like an extra accessory.   
A weekend away mean my cloth diapers get a suitcase to themselves.

There is also the knowledge that it takes over 500 years for ONE disposable diaper to decompose in a landfill. I am helping to take care of God's creation. 

The average cost of diapering just one baby to potty trained is $1500 in disposable diapers. The average cost of cloth diapering one baby to potty trained is $300

There are many more facts about disposables and cloth diapers here.


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